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What are self adhesive wax seals?

Self-Adhesive Wax Seals are individually stamped, real wax seals that are finished with an adhesive backing. Created by our team of Wax Seal Artisans, each self adhesive wax seal has been individually pressed with your choice of design for beautiful and easy-to-use wax seals.

How are self adhesive wax seals use?

Self adhesive wax seals have a wide range of uses. From stationery and wedding invitations, to product packaging, and wine bottles! We have clients coming up with new uses for them every day. Here are just a few of the ideas that they have shared with us: Envelope Wax Seals for Weddings, Anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Baby Showers and Birthdays Wedding favors and dinner menus decorated with wax seals For use on seating charts, escort cards, or wedding day-of decorations. Closure on hotel customer service and welcome packages Distinguish product labeling and retail-ready packaging Mass mailings and direct mailings

What is the difference between Modern/ Organic or Artisan Edge wax seals?

Modern Edge Wax Seals: Have a clean and consistent wax edge (“bleed”) for a uniform look from seal to seal. Organic Edge Wax Seals: Have a slightly organic and irregular wax edge (“bleed”) for slight variation in shape from seal to seal. Artisan Edge Wax Seals: Have a very rustic and varied shape from seal to seal for that “hand-poured” look.

What is a wax seal stamps?

Our wax seal stamps are individually engraved solid brass dies finished with a pure wooden handle. Complete with your choice of design, wax seal stamps are a great way to add a DIY element to your wax seal experience.

Our Wax sticks and how many wax seals can it produce?

Our Flexible Wax is real wax mixed with resin to make it more flexible and durable than 100% traditional wax, while having the appearance of real wax. Our sealing wax comes in four different wax collections, each with a different texture, flexibility, and selection of signature colors. Our glue-glun style sealing wax has been carefully created to fit into our standard sealing wax guns, or into any standard glue gun. This style of sealing wax is created to provide an easier wax sealing experience, without the risks of melting wax over an open flame. Sealing wax sticks come in a standard 1cm diameter and are available in all of our sealing wax colors. Using our glue gun format wax sticks you can make: 3/4” round: 10-12 seals 1” round: 7-10 seals 1.25” round: 5-7 seals 1.5” round: 3-5 seals 1.75” round: 2-3 seals 2” round: 1-2 seals

How do I customise own designed wax seals?

Submit Your Order to our email at justwannagift@gmail.com or contact us at +65 97779546. We will walk you through the process. You will required to provide us your design, size/shape of your seal stamp. Standard orders can be produced within 1-3 business days, based on quantity. Have a specific deadline – let us know as well.

Do we do wholesales or bulk order?

Absolutely we do! If you are interested in wholesale pricing, please email us at justwannagift@gmail.com If you are interested in volume pricing (for packaging, branding, and volumes over 1000 pieces), please email us at justwannagift@gmail.com

Can we customise our flowers or hand bouquet?

Yes we do full customisation to meet your theme and event, listening to your needs and wants and walking through with you to meet these desire. Contact us at 97779546 or justwannagift@gmail.com

Is Customise gift available?

Yes, we do customised gift for your event or love ones as well. Contact us at justwannagift@gmail.com


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